Sheri Lahris

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"After I took Sheri’s class I felt so good about myself. I knew that I had acting talent, but Sheri and her staff brought it out of me in ways that I never dreamed of." 
Susan, age 14

"In the 3 day workshop Sheri makes you feel like you are the only actor in the room. I was hesitant to take these type of workshops as I thought everyone would know more than I did, yet I found that every actor, at every stage in their acting journey or career, or even age, at the end of the 3 days emerged from dull stones to brilliant shining actor diamonds. Shining brilliantly!!!!

All students had new found confidence in themselves and what they could offer of themselves to an audience. I highly recommend this class!!!!
Tom, age 25

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"Miss Sheri made me feel like I could do anything. My Mother has now brought me to my first audition for a play and I got the part! Thank-you Miss Sheri!"

Stacy, age 8

"I always wanted to take an acting class of sorts but never knew where to start. I had heard so many great things about Sheri’s class I thought I would go. I made the jump and had one of the most fun and informative classes I have ever had. This was my first acting class and now I know what I want to do. I am an actor." 

Sid, age 47

"There are so many acting classes out there and as a Mother I really wanted to find an appropriate class for my 10 year old that has always had an interest in acting. I had heard that Sheri’s classes were wonderful, we went. My Daughter can not stop talking about it.

Joan, age 45

Sheri uses so many fun ways to draw the actor out. I consider it a very high brow class in the performing arts which will ready any student for stage or screen. These workshops should not be missed!" 
Tilly, age 14

As a working actor I always like to take classes that will make me grow. Sheri’s class did just that. I will be back for the next one. These workshops are not just for the beginning actor!!! I picked up so many usable skills and rethought many of the skills in my actors arsenal. I highly recommend this class to any actor of any age at any level! Besides it is such a good time, you will crave more!!!! 

John, age 29