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One of my great joys is connecting and teaching actors by Skype. More and more frequently auditions are filmed on computer cameras and emailed to casting offices. If an actor’s performance comes alive on a computer camera, that performance will be “strong and powerful” on any camera. 

Skype allows you not to have to leave the privacy of your own home, and this saves time and money. It really is a clear and wonderful way to work as if the student and coach are in the same room. Technology really has added to the ways actors can perfect their craft!

 • Skype Coaching works for individuals on a 1-on-1 basis, or for a group of actors.
 • Receive professional actor coaching from anywhere in the world.
 • Skype is free, so there’s no additional calling cost.
 • Skype from home, work, vacation, or any quiet location. 

My Skype actor coaching is a fun and inspiring one-on-one coaching service that provides affordable career coaching to actors who want to feel more fulfilled and in control of their careers. With an approach that is hands-on and customized for each person, I help actors set goals, organize their business, and create a plan of action with easy tools that can take them to the next level, no matter where they are starting from. 

These services are offered privately (one-on-one) to ensure that each actor gets the personalized attention they deserve.

Skype Session/Classes
Skype Coaching for Actors: Does it Work?
Question: How much does your coaching cost?
I encourage actors to work over several sessions to make sure that 100% of their needs are met. That is why I offer a discounted multi-session package: 

$175 for 4 one hour sessions. I also I offer group classes for 2 persons via Skype at $25/hr per person. Private coaching via Skype = $45/hr.

Question: How do I pay you? 
Payment is due at the time of your first session. I use a traditional payment processing service called Square Cash where you can pay securely online. 

Question: If I pay for a package but then don't want all of the sessions, can I get a refund?
Your sessions never expire so you may use them at any time, however once you purchase a package I don’t refund. But you may transfer them to another actor (with the good possibility of them paying you for the balance.) 

Sometimes, only learning a little bit about a topic is worse than learning nothing at all, and you are left feeling frustrated, and still have questions to ask. 

Thank-you for your Skype Coaching Inquiry and I look forward to working with you very soon!

Question: Why is it good to get a package of sessions sometimes instead of paying one-by-one?